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An innovation hub that connects people in relation to the matters of earth, space & astronomy

What We Do

Astronomy for the beginners

To provide a conceptual and descriptive understanding of the physical objects and processes that determine the  nature and extent of the observable universe of planets, stars and galaxies.

Backyard astronomy

You will learn about observing the Moon, Planets, Star Clusters, Nebula, and even A galaxy you can see with the naked eye.

Universe in our School

Universe in our School (UIOS) programme is a distinctive model that allows students who are astronomy enthusiasts to connect with the vast space above us.

sale and supply of all types of astronomical accessories

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designing and construction of observatory

We undertake design and construction of public and personal structures containing telescopes and auxiliary instruments with which to observe celestial objects.

Real-Time Weather Forecast


NASA Space Apps Challenge

At the NASA International Space Apps Challenge, we strive to eliminate barriers to access to space and science opportunities. Space Apps is for everyone! Participants worldwide are welcome regardless of background and experience to create, explore, learn, and build together.

What does “Make Space” Mean to You?

We encourage everyone living within and close to the borders of Kano to register and fully participate; here is how you can get full access for yourself and your team, follow the YouTube video to give your visual direction and more insight on how to sign up and gather resources as well as click on the link either in the bio or in the caption. We can’t wait to participate on 7 – 8 October 2023. Thank you

“Astronomy has intrigued me from childhood and I have since remained an Astronomer at heart and at work. I have always looked at the sky and wondered what the cosmos held for mankind. A mere look through a telescope at the vistas of the sky, sparks the mind, makes one curious and excited and opens up a new mental horizon for the person. It makes one realize how small we are in the vastness of the universe and in a positive way connects us to the larger aspect of this cosmos. A wonderful stress buster – open fields, clear skies and sparkling stars makes one feel lighter and happier.

Abdulkadir Nuhu Aminu


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